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Sterling Silver Stud Om Earrings

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Green Dress

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Variety of Incense Sticks

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Fair Trade Gifts From Around The World

Shop The World has great gifts for eclectic people. All our merchandise is fair trade, and we carry unique items you won't find anywhere else. Discover sterling silver earrings from Thailand in a variety of amazing designs, hand-hammered Tibetan singing bowls for meditation and healing, and beautiful batik clothing for men and women. We also carry flags. Our handcrafted gifts are original and desirable. And we can tell you all about where they come from.

Promoting Fair Trade

Our merchandise is purchased from artisans, crafters, and importers who support our goal of promoting fair trade, and Shop The World was the first fair-trade-only store in Princeton. We moved our store here from Belize. In all, we've been in business for more than 26 years. Locals and tourists alike love visiting our store on Spring Street, and our online store makes it easy to share our wonderful products with fair traders nationwide.

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Find lovely sterling silver earrings at low prices.

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Use a handmade Tibetan singing bowl for meditating.

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Discover machine-washable batik clothing for men and women.

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