Shop the World, Princeton’s original Fair Trade store, opened in 1992. For almost three decades, Shop the World has sold unique gifts from around the world, located just two blocks from the main gates of Princeton University.

About Our Gift Store

Shop The World specializes in Unique Gifts from around the world. Fragrant Natural Incense that burns for 1 hour, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Sterling Silver Jewelry, Woven Tapestries, Batik Clothing and so much more. Our store is located in downtown Princeton New Jersey at #4 Spring Street.

We Support Fair Trade

All of our merchandise is Fair Trade. It's purchased from Artisans, Crafters, Producers, and Fair Trade Importers who share the same goal: making sure artisans get a fair wage for the items they create. Nothing we sell is mass produced in China. We buy from many less-developed countries, and we only buy from organizations that support Fair Trade.

About Our Owner

Shop The World was founded by Jill, and she has decades of experience traveling the world finding Fair Trade gifts. She lived in Central America for 10 years, where she operated a similar Fair Trade store on the island of Ambergris Caye in the country of Belize. The store was called 'The Salty Dog,' Jill named it that because she had a sheepdog named Simon that sat in the ocean all day long to keep cool and the locals called him 'El Perro de Sal' which translates to "The Salty Dog."

Eventually, Jill and Simon moved back up to the United States and settled in Princeton, New Jersey, just two blocks from the gates of Princeton University, and changed the name of her store to Shop The World. Locals and tourists alike enjoy shopping at Shop The World.

Jill still frequents women's cooperatives, such as the one she started in Nepal and in El Salvador. She believes in people helping each other. As a retailer or a purchaser, we all have a choice: buy products that are mass produced or buy fair trade products from an artisan or crafter.

In addition, many products provide money that goes towards essential water projects in developing nations and schools in rural villages.